Jasmin is also a model. In her years of studying fashion design in Germany, she frequently modeled collections for her fellow students, as well as her own designs. Not only did she participate in countless photoshoots, she also walked the runway and taught other models 'to do the catwalk'. In 2009 she produced the Encore Fashion Show in Trier, Germany with 37 original collections and approx. 3000 guests.






























Here is an excerpt from her Spoken Word:

Present moment dreaming

" ....and I won't judge it no more, nope
I won't try to fill it with guilt and fear, before hope.
No, I will allow myself to feel it now.
I made a promise, I made a vow,
to my heart:
From now on I will open my eyes.
Won't agonize, dehumanize, self-criticize or apologize!
To whom, and for what?!

No, instead I feel gratitude and appreciation
for the flood of gifts I receive in these sensations.
A new body, a new mind, an old soul,
revived in this present moment in time..."



​Jasmin Marsters [born Patricia Jasmin Rahman], is an actress, singer-songwriter and artist living in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Germany, she decided to follow her heart and leave her life as a fashion designer behind, to pursue the two loves of her life in the US:


No.1 James Marsters, best known for playing the character of Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Braniac in Smallville. After about 6 years of long - distance love they finally tied the knot in January 2011. See the press article here !​


No.2 Acting!

Jasmin has been training at world renowned acting studios, such as the MARGIE HABER STUDIO, the AARON SPEISER ACTING STUDIO, UCB and more.​​ She is currently training with Backstage Expert Rob Adler at AdlerImprov.














Jasmin singing at hystoric rock club THE MINT in LA with Ghost of The Robot.