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Can I talk to you before I sign?

Yes! You can either contact me on Voxer or we can set up a complimentary Discovery Call.

What session times are available?

I see clients on most week days and some Sundays (I take my weekends on other days). My session times are typically between 11am-1:30pm.

Gotcha! How can I get the contract back to you?

The easiest way to fill out, sign and send this document back is to use a PDF editor app. I use Genius Sign (iPhone) and Sejda on desktop.

Okay, but when and how will I pay you?

Once I have received your filled out and signed contract, I will send you payment links for PayPal, Zelle and Stripe and you can choose which one works best for you.

Full payment/payment plan installments are due by the third of the month or before your first coaching session of that month, whichever comes first.

And what happens after the session?

You will have a full week of support via email and/or Voxer. 

Please note that after session-care is available within reasonable limits. I tend to respond within 24hrs on my business days and am quicker to respond when messages/questions are short and precise. You are welcome to write longer messages, just know that it will take me longer to respond. 

Noice! What hours can I text/voice message you on Voxer?

Anytime! My phone is off after hours or when I sleep, so you can message me anytime and I will get back to you when I'm available. To add me on Voxer, search for .

Sounds good, but what exactly will I be learning in the coaching?

Great question! You will learn:

  • Tools of IFS (Internal Family Systems) to connect with polarized or exiled emotions.

  • The top three reasons why you feel stuck in this unfulfilling cycle of overwhelm, people-pleasing and overthinking.

  • The subconscious rules and beliefs that run these patterns, and how to rewrite them.

  • How to utilize your feelings (even and especially the difficult ones) to create healing.

  • How to mindfully communicate with the parts of you that send overwhelming distress signals, so that you can take care of your them in more gentle, loving and fulfilling ways.

  • How to receive the 8 C's of IFS: Confidence, Courage, Clarity, Compassion, Curiosity, Connectedness, Calm and Creativity.

  • To continue accessing this well-grounded self-trust even after the coaching ends.

  • To commit to your goals and dreams in an action-based way.

  • What it feels like to be supported.

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