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A dramatic short created by and starring Jasmin Marsters. Kessi Blue is an extreme look at the imbalance we often resist: living up to our wildest dreams versus facing ourselves: our fears, desires, our denial.


   "When you looked in the mirror today,

    who did you see?
    The person you are, 

    or the person you want to be?



Best Drama . Pasadena International Film Festival, 2016

Best Editing . Women's Independent Film Festival, 2016

official selection

Berlin Independent Film Festival, 2017

European Short Film Festival, 2016

LA Indie Film Fest, 2016

Palms Springs ShortFest Film Market

slate kessi blue
jasmin marsters
james marsters
taylor reese
christina venuti
quincy ndekwe
grace shen
day 2
directing taylor in the other room
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