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Hi! My name is Jasmin and I guide people-pleasing overthinkers to understand, articulate and meet their *own* needs. 

Is this you?

who I work with...
  • You people-please like your life depends on it but when you look around... no one actually seems pleased.

  • You're disconnected from your emotions, while simultaneously being hyperaware of what everyone around you is feeling.

  • You crave more self-esteem, better boundaries and a way to finally get your needs met.

  • Sometimes it feels like you are a ghost of yourself, trapped in the passenger seat of your own life.

  • But no matter how much effort you put into building yourself up, you find yourself feeling disempowered by your job, your peers and even the simplest of interactions with your loved ones. 


symptom checker

I know you are never short of solutions for others, but when it comes to yourself, you feel

  • stuck in analysis paralysis

  • emotionally starved and overwhelmed

  • unheard, unseen and not understood

  • plagued by self-doubt

  • taken advantage of

  • overly responsible for other people's crises

  • afraid of pursuing the path you know deep down is right for you

  • resentful towards nearly everyone

  • and you don’t want the same shit, the same thoughts, the same gossipy competitive friends, the same toxic job/ relationship on your plate one more year.


You don't have to go through one more day, month, or (let's face it) decade of the same old, same old. Say goodbye to Groundhog day, and take the jump.

Chances are you've already WRECKED your brain trying to come up with solutions, but somehow you are still stuck in a mucky rut.


And dear, you are tired. Burned out. Running on empty. 

goals we work on

Hi, I'm Jasmin

After six plus years of mentoring peeps in my local community and about 7 years of working with mindset coaches myself, I decided to start my own coaching business in 2019 to empower others to improve their quality of life.

But that is NOT where I started: In 2011 I moved from a small town in Germany to big bad LA to marry my long-distance partner of 6 years. I had always had a dream of being an actor too, so moving to Los Angeles combined two heart journeys into one.


Acting quickly led me to the terrifying realization that I was fresh out of self-esteem, barely able to speak a sentence without losing my voice and apparently without the capacity to healthfully tap into my anger or any other real emotion - in the present moment. Well, damn.

I would often experience "delayed release". Nearly every acting class, after another disappointing experience of “not getting there” emotionally, I would suddenly have ALL the feelz I didn’t have during the scene on my car ride home!


What was going on? Something was off.


After years of searching for solutions and answers in individual and couple’s therapy, huge and small self-help seminars from San Jose to Florida, Reiki energy healing in Sedona Arizona, you name it… and after $30k+ of investments in self-help programs I finally found the tools that worked to restore my self-esteem as well as my capacity to feel and get in touch with my body: life coaching and Internal Family Systems (IFS).


In the comfort of my home I learned to understand what was creating so much tension in my body and how to help myself create momentum towards my goals by making healthier, more intuitive and aligned choices every day. 

I’m so exited to pass all this on!  <<<<<<

Oh and yeah... some updates and random facts about me:

  • I can now call myself a TV/Film actress, currently on projects streaming on Netflix and Hulu. On one project alone I got to work with 90% of my bucket-list “actors I dream of working with one day”. 

  • I started my own business with no prior business knowledge or college degree.

  • Have two step kids in college!

  • I was the head of a non-profit with 18 committee chairs for a whole year with no prior experience being a boss and we pulled off 6 fantastic fundraisers + a ground-breaking virtual convention with attendees from all over the world. I was also the speaker at many related events. 

  • I left my husband and although this divorce put me in touch with debilitating levels of grief, I am healing and moving forward with a level of courage, clarity and confidence I NEVER thought possible for myself. 


  • I am my own boss, set my own schedule and make money despite having a disability that could leave me asleep for most of the day.

  • Speaking of disabilities: I am medically diagnosed with Narcolepsy, chronic PTSD, major depressive disorder and ADD/ADHD Combined Type. Oh boy... :P

  • Medications: I take Modafinil and Ritalin. I name these specifically, because I don't want to set any illusion that all my well-being is purely managed by mindset shifts and inner work. I want my potential clients to understand that sometimes the journey of healing and self-care will involve them seeking professional medical care. You cannot heal your "procrastination" if your brain is structurally or chemically unable to access dopamine. (I am not a medical professional and these are my opinions only).

  • I recently shaved my head like I always wanted to and LOVE it.

  • I am queer, exploring genderfluidity/agenderedness and am pro LGBTQ+. (She/They)

  • I am a mixed person of color (half German, half Bengali) desperately in search of a make-up foundation that doesn't look yellow, green or orange. Any recommendations?

  • My coaching at times will include rants about the effects of the patriarchy, racism, misogyny, ableism and other human rights and social justice issues, as we cannot underestimate their impact on our mental health collectively and individually. I am opinionated about these topics and also eager and open to learning more. 

about me...
how does coaching help?
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Unpack the unsatisfying and even harmful patterns in your life, which are based on subconscious survival beliefs and rules you created in childhood. 


Understand the source of your pain - the original wounds that you are unknowingly avoiding at all costs and which lead to baffling, automatic and seemingly inexplicable attempts at self-sabotage


Begin to heal these source wounds and come into a new relationship with your triggers so you can respond vs reenact your pain over and over.

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Reconnect you with your body, your emotions and learn to understand what they’ve been trying to tell you. 


Implement self-soothing and emotional regulation techniques that are vital life skills for any adult but weren't taught to most of us. 


Create a safe space to be honest and let out all the gunk you've been internalizing. We are only as sick as our secrets.

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Support you on your journey to self-empowerment, teaching you how to speak up in healthier and more effective ways so you can actually get YOUR needs met for a change. 

Get in touch with your deeper longings and secret dreams, allowing them to become a reality. 

Create practical, tangible progress, for example: Realizing your business idea and doing so in alignment with your values, your joy and your needs.

So what is the process? What will we do in the sessions?

I will help you understand the TOP THREE THINGS that are keeping you trapped in this cycle of people-pleasing, overthinking and overwhelm. 

I will walk you through the steps needed to heal this pattern and provide you with the tools and practical exercises to take said steps. It's as gentle as it is intense, but most importantly it's effective.

Please note that my approach is highly customized to each client and their present situation.

​I use a blend of styles. My personal and client-favorite is the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) designed to create safety around accessing and processing your emotions instead of stuffing them.


I also use traditional life coaching tools, which center around reframing limiting beliefs and creating manageable action steps towards your inner and outer goals. 

what to expect
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I really connected to IFS! I love this approach and I found it so helpful! I am better at communicating my needs and boundaries. I have clarity on my goals and desires and tools to go after what I want!


Actress, Coach

how do we get started?
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